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Introduction of the eNeschopenek system

An amendment to the Act on Sickness Insurance will become effective on 1.1.2020 and will introduce a new system of electronic sick notes called eNeschopenek.

The attending doctor will have the opportunity to issue sick notes either using his/her medical software or from a free web application at the Czech Social Security Administration’s ePortál. Doctors will send a report of temporary incapacity to work (“DPN”) to the competent District Social Security Administration (“OSSZ”) electronically.

The time limit in which doctors must fulfil the obligation to send such reports to OSSZ will also be shortened. Instead of the current three work days, doctors will have to send reports not later than on the work day which follows the day on which the situation that establishes this obligation happens.

Policyholders will still be presented with an employee “incapacity to work card” by the doctor, and this will be used by the policyholder as proof in the case of continuing DPN or in a check of the duration of DPN, in that the end of DPN will also be marked in this in the future.

A policyholder who is temporarily incapable of work will no longer be duty-bound to present his/her employer with a decision on the establishment of DPN, but will still have to inform the employer of his/her temporary incapacity to work (of the obstacle to work) without delay.

There will also be welcome simplification of administration for employers. Employers will no longer have to present OSSZ with any parts of the printed decision on DPN, as has been the case until now, meaning that they will not even receive applications from employees for sickness benefit. Employers will, however, still be duty-bound to receive the supporting documents required to determine entitlement to sickness benefit and its payment and to transfer these to OSSZ together with the data required to calculate sickness benefit. However, the Act on Sickness Insurance now stipulates that the the employer will send supporting documents for the calculation of sickness benefit and data about the method of paying wages, salary, or remuneration (now including the account number into which the employer pays the money to the employee) to OSSZ in electronic format without delay after the first 14 days of DPN have passed.

Employers even now have access (after signing into the ČSSZ ePortál) to the option of checking whether the Czech Social Security Administration has on record any new incapacity to work in relation to a specific employee, including the day from which the employee is recognised as being temporarily incapable of work and the day on which DPN ended for him/her.

In the case of ending DPN, the procedure of the doctor will be the same as when DPN is established. The doctor will send the report on the end of temporary incapacity to work to OSSZ electronically. Moreover, he/she will mark the end of DPN in the policyholder’s incapacity to work card.

The existing legal regulation will apply, until the end of DPN, to sick notes issued to 31.12.2019.